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Valorant Or CS GO? Which One Should You Play?

This year has seen a lot of changes for both CS GO and Valorant, and it is hard to know which game is better. Valorant is a game that uses mobile phones to represent the landscape and other characters. With the help of GPS and other sensors, the game tracks elements pointed out by the user as they move around the environment, and character combat occurs by pointing out characters and then tapping or otherwise selecting them.  

CS:GO is one of the most popular titles on the market right now, but which game is better? If you’re into competitive gaming, then the answer is obviously Valorant. The game offers several unique features that the CS:GO community is accustomed to, such as the ability to switch from third-person to the first-person perspective and the introduction of a ‘rare drop’ system. Valorant also has a well-developed character progression system, which allows players to upgrade their characters as they level up. On the other hand, CS:GO is simply more popular.

Valorant is a free-to-play Dota 2 MOBA developed by Garena. In Valorant, you play a hero using a unique set of abilities in an RPG-like map and environment. Players must choose 2 heroes with different powers to carry out a variety of missions. The gameplay is based on a time-limit system where players must destroy 5 enemy towers within a time period, including the base. If a team fails to do that, the enemy team will be able to capture the enemy base and win the match. There are two main types of Valorant: Offense and Defense. To win a match, you must destroy the enemy towers.  

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) has been a phenomenal success since its release in August 2012. It has become one of the most-watched and played video games of all time. However, a common misconception is that CS:GO is a game for casual gamers. It has been proven time and time again that the game is more than just a casual shooter. You will need to learn how to use the mouse and keyboard and even have to read up on the game to understand the tactics and strategies involved fully.

The Life of a Professional Gamer

The thought of getting paid for playing video games was unimaginable a few decades back. Who would not want to get up of their bed, get some breakfast and start playing their favorite games while getting paid for that? Indeed it sounds like a dream job, but is it really? Of course, some gamers live the high life, earn a lot and get to set their playing/working hours whenever they want, but life of a professional gamer is also very challenging. Gamers must develop good discipline and be patient. They also need to perfect their skills constantly. They also often have problems with their parents and closest friends as they usually do not understand the world of gamers. All in all, there are numerous obstacles and challenges that gamers face every day.

How Gamers Live Their Lives

            Professional gamers are totally into what they do. Everything revolves around gaming, which is understandable because not only gaming is their passion but also their work. Their social lives take a backseat and often gamers do not go out that much to hang out at social gatherings, bars and other places. Their only social events are places where they travel to play the games with other gamers from around the world. Usually gamers live solitary lives and like it that way. Many of them are introverts that do not feel very comfortable doing other things besides gaming.

            Common problem that professional gamers face is the lack of exercise and proper nutrition. Due to the fact that professional gamers spend most of their time in front of the computer playing games, they often forget or simply do not have time to exercise and stretch their bodies. Often times they eat quickly while playing, which is not advisable for living a healthy life. However, there are some gamers that find time to balance between different things, so it depends from gamer to gamer.

            Also many people believe that professional gamers are full of money, but truth is that only small numbers of them make it in the big leagues where the big money is. Until they reach success they are also investing a lot and that takes a significant toll on their family budget. Without sponsors and financial support by someone else rarely any gamer can succeed in the competitive gaming world. Also the life of a professional gamer is hard because they have to juggle between different responsibilities, like going to school or taking care of their family obligations.

            Being a professional gamer requires hard work and strong commitment. You can network with other gamers via forum boards such as Dirty Usernames.  There are numerous risks, challenges and sacrifices that every professional gamer has to take, so the life of a professional gamer is far from easy.

Top Board Games Right Now

Board games have become increasingly popular and rightfully so. They are fun, entertaining and they bring people together. There are plenty of attractive and exciting board games to play with your friends or family, which makes picking the top ones very challenging thing to do. However, we did our best to present you the best ones at the moment. We have picked the following based on few criteria, including whether they can be played over and over again without losing any of the fun. Here are the top board games right now.

  • Fallout

If you are a gamer then you have probably heard of the popular RPG adventure game with the same name. This is its translation into fantastic board game. It is played with up to 4 players, difficulty is moderate and the average play lasts between one and two hours. This game has a very engaging roleplay, it really captures the feel of the RPG game, but one small con is that it has an odd system for scoring. Every session of Fallout game offers numerous things with which you can interact, many monsters that you can battle, some odd jobs to do and some interesting ruins for you to explore. All in all, Fallout is a well-designed game that will definitely grab your attention.

This board game requires between 3 to 6 players to play and the time of play is between 45 and 90 minutes. Betrayal at House on the Hill board game comes with several interesting scenarios, it is never boring and some objectives in the game are very thrilling. There is a distinct sense of uncertainty in the game, which is one of the things that attract players the most. If features over fifty different playable scenarios so you are guaranteed a lot of fun and excitement. Uncover different items, events, go through abandoned libraries and ballrooms, fight your way out of a flooded house, and do many more great things. This is a really tense board game that will make you play it over and over again.

  • Pandemic

This is a hard and challenging board game, played with up to 4 players. It offers fast-paced action, good challenges and it is very tense and exciting. You are fighting against disease that looks to spread across the world. You need to communicate with your team, categorize and prioritize main threats, create good plans, and remain calm when put under pressure. Your main goal is to keep the disease under control and look to find a cure for every disease. In order to do that, you have to collect five different cards with specific colors.

Top Computer Games Right Now

Computer game industry is in full swing at the moment, constantly producing great new games. There are new releases hitting the gaming market virtually every day, so the choice is huge when it comes to which games to play. Regardless of whether you are on Steam, Epic Store, Origin or any other gaming service out there, you will definitely love playing the next few games on the list of top computer games at the moment.

This is a game currently played by millions of people worldwide. It offers great 3D characters, it has great artwork, movements are excellent and the combats are very fast and attractive. One minor con in the game is limited ammo that you can get, but that makes it more challenging. This shooter game requires good teamwork in order to succeed. You have a squad of three players that are dropped into a huge map. Apex Legends is a very tense game and there are different types of threats waiting for you around every corner in the game. New modes, maps, skins and characters are currently being developed for this exciting game, so join in the party and enjoy this thrilling computer game.

  • DOOM

If you are excited by slaughtering demons and other creatures then this game is for you. The mechanics of the game are terrific. There are many weapons to choose from and many enemies to destroy. DOOM also features multiplayer mode, adding to the excitement. The solo campaign is fantastic and you will feel the tension as you progress through the levels. You start from the Mars surface and go towards the depths of burning hell. Along the way you will have to destroy many scary demons. Regardless of whether you use a classic shotgun, a machine gun or a chainsaw – the thrill of destroying demons will constantly push you forward.

  • Rainbow Six Siege

This tactical shooter is very attractive game to play thanks to the great new additions and constant updates. Teamwork is required if you want to go forward and here not only you need to kill your opponents, but you have to outsmart them first. Rainbow Six Siege started small, but has now become one of the best multiplayer shooting games in the world. There are many weapons and maps to choose from, so you can play for hours without ever getting bored.

Review of Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy board game is one of the best board games you can play nowadays. It is played over course of 12 months in which you must protect the world from infections and diseases that go after the humanity. This board game requires teamwork and commitment to succeed. It is played with between 2 and 4 players and it takes about one hour to play. What makes Pandemic Legacy a top board game at the moment is the fact that it offers pretty good gaming experience, it has good storyline and mechanics, it is addictive, and the difficulty of the game is scaled based on your successes.

Main Point of the Game

            In the game you must work together with other players to protect the world from 4 different types of diseases. You will be travelling around with other players and treat different infections, share tips, info and knowledge, and you will also have to try to discover specific cures for different infections. How you win inside the game changes from one month to another, so you need to be very flexible in order to save the world.

How to Play the Game

            Before starting with the game, you should check the top card of the deck to see whether there are any specific rules for the particular month`s game. You will find numerous cards inside the Legacy deck with big stop sign indicating when you should stop taking more cards and when you need to resume with drawing.

Pandemic Legacy board game starts with infection of 9 cities with one of the 4 diseases found in the game. Every player of the game has a specific role that has to perform – you can be Medic, Researcher, Generalist, Scientist or Dispatcher. Players take their turns by acting clockwise and every turn includes 3 phases – taking 4 actions, drawing 2 cards and infecting cities. The game goes on until all 4 diseases are cured or until all players have lost the battle against the diseases.

There are many other interesting details and things you will learn while playing the game, so it is advisable you try it and experience it yourself. The action never stops and the game is very playable. It is a challenging game, you cannot beat it easy, and you will have to try very hard if you want to protect the world from diseases.