Top Computer Games Right Now

Computer game industry is in full swing at the moment, constantly producing great new games. There are new releases hitting the gaming market virtually every day, so the choice is huge when it comes to which games to play. Regardless of whether you are on Steam, Epic Store, Origin or any other gaming service out there, you will definitely love playing the next few games on the list of top computer games at the moment.

This is a game currently played by millions of people worldwide. It offers great 3D characters, it has great artwork, movements are excellent and the combats are very fast and attractive. One minor con in the game is limited ammo that you can get, but that makes it more challenging. This shooter game requires good teamwork in order to succeed. You have a squad of three players that are dropped into a huge map. Apex Legends is a very tense game and there are different types of threats waiting for you around every corner in the game. New modes, maps, skins and characters are currently being developed for this exciting game, so join in the party and enjoy this thrilling computer game.

  • DOOM

If you are excited by slaughtering demons and other creatures then this game is for you. The mechanics of the game are terrific. There are many weapons to choose from and many enemies to destroy. DOOM also features multiplayer mode, adding to the excitement. The solo campaign is fantastic and you will feel the tension as you progress through the levels. You start from the Mars surface and go towards the depths of burning hell. Along the way you will have to destroy many scary demons. Regardless of whether you use a classic shotgun, a machine gun or a chainsaw – the thrill of destroying demons will constantly push you forward.

  • Rainbow Six Siege

This tactical shooter is very attractive game to play thanks to the great new additions and constant updates. Teamwork is required if you want to go forward and here not only you need to kill your opponents, but you have to outsmart them first. Rainbow Six Siege started small, but has now become one of the best multiplayer shooting games in the world. There are many weapons and maps to choose from, so you can play for hours without ever getting bored.