The Life of a Professional Gamer

The thought of getting paid for playing video games was unimaginable a few decades back. Who would not want to get up of their bed, get some breakfast and start playing their favorite games while getting paid for that? Indeed it sounds like a dream job, but is it really? Of course, some gamers live the high life, earn a lot and get to set their playing/working hours whenever they want, but life of a professional gamer is also very challenging. Gamers must develop good discipline and be patient. They also need to perfect their skills constantly. They also often have problems with their parents and closest friends as they usually do not understand the world of gamers. All in all, there are numerous obstacles and challenges that gamers face every day.

How Gamers Live Their Lives

            Professional gamers are totally into what they do. Everything revolves around gaming, which is understandable because not only gaming is their passion but also their work. Their social lives take a backseat and often gamers do not go out that much to hang out at social gatherings, bars and other places. Their only social events are places where they travel to play the games with other gamers from around the world. Usually gamers live solitary lives and like it that way. Many of them are introverts that do not feel very comfortable doing other things besides gaming.

            Common problem that professional gamers face is the lack of exercise and proper nutrition. Due to the fact that professional gamers spend most of their time in front of the computer playing games, they often forget or simply do not have time to exercise and stretch their bodies. Often times they eat quickly while playing, which is not advisable for living a healthy life. However, there are some gamers that find time to balance between different things, so it depends from gamer to gamer.

            Also many people believe that professional gamers are full of money, but truth is that only small numbers of them make it in the big leagues where the big money is. Until they reach success they are also investing a lot and that takes a significant toll on their family budget. Without sponsors and financial support by someone else rarely any gamer can succeed in the competitive gaming world. Also the life of a professional gamer is hard because they have to juggle between different responsibilities, like going to school or taking care of their family obligations.

            Being a professional gamer requires hard work and strong commitment. You can network with other gamers via forum boards such as Dirty Usernames.  There are numerous risks, challenges and sacrifices that every professional gamer has to take, so the life of a professional gamer is far from easy.