Review of Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy board game is one of the best board games you can play nowadays. It is played over course of 12 months in which you must protect the world from infections and diseases that go after the humanity. This board game requires teamwork and commitment to succeed. It is played with between 2 and 4 players and it takes about one hour to play. What makes Pandemic Legacy a top board game at the moment is the fact that it offers pretty good gaming experience, it has good storyline and mechanics, it is addictive, and the difficulty of the game is scaled based on your successes.

Main Point of the Game

            In the game you must work together with other players to protect the world from 4 different types of diseases. You will be travelling around with other players and treat different infections, share tips, info and knowledge, and you will also have to try to discover specific cures for different infections. How you win inside the game changes from one month to another, so you need to be very flexible in order to save the world.

How to Play the Game

            Before starting with the game, you should check the top card of the deck to see whether there are any specific rules for the particular month`s game. You will find numerous cards inside the Legacy deck with big stop sign indicating when you should stop taking more cards and when you need to resume with drawing.

Pandemic Legacy board game starts with infection of 9 cities with one of the 4 diseases found in the game. Every player of the game has a specific role that has to perform – you can be Medic, Researcher, Generalist, Scientist or Dispatcher. Players take their turns by acting clockwise and every turn includes 3 phases – taking 4 actions, drawing 2 cards and infecting cities. The game goes on until all 4 diseases are cured or until all players have lost the battle against the diseases.

There are many other interesting details and things you will learn while playing the game, so it is advisable you try it and experience it yourself. The action never stops and the game is very playable. It is a challenging game, you cannot beat it easy, and you will have to try very hard if you want to protect the world from diseases.